Why is CRM so important for Sales?

Sales optimization with CRM

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Customer management – improved, structured and optimized

In order to secure inter-divisional, smooth communication between inside and outside sales, it is crucial that customer information is accessible straight away and completely.By only using e-mails, Microsoft Excel- und Word dokuments this is seldomly the case. Locally saved documents which are not accessable by inside sales people, countless e-mails which are deleted at some point and for this reason are not accessible anymore and information that is forwarded too late –  these are all quite possible and not unheard of scenarios.

CRM als Vertriebsoptimierung CRM – offers a good sales overview

A customer management system allows outside sales to put down all relevant information e.g. meeting protocols – if the CRM is an online solution this can be done right after the meeting with a customer or interested party in the car of train. The inside sales is informed about the most pressing things right away – without waiting time and with few clicks. Should there be a need for documents, these can be added to the CRM system. This allows for structured document filing which all workers can access. If workers write proposals, receive orders etc. this can be done right out of the CRM software. These are saved automatically in the activities history and this way are completely archived. The created tasks for follow ups in the CRM system replace extensive e-mail contact.

 CCRM als VertriebsoptimierungRM – structures your customers

A CRM system brings out lead potential, as an extensive contact qualification is possible. In addition analysis on an accurate daily basis offer a good overview over sales figures of customers. With one click you can view which customer offers how much revenue and who bough which article – and thus which customer is a top customer where is more intense customer care in order.

CRM als Vertriebsoptimierung CRM – always informed

A CRM system allows you to access customer knowledge. Not only the fact sheet is on file. After only a few clicks full activity histories and appraisals are at your disposal. You have the ability to offer individual and competent customer care and react to requests quickly and soundly.

CRM als Vertriebsoptimierung CRM – always stay in contact

You can plan recurring appointments in defined frequencies as to guarantee the desired contact frequency. Thus avoiding unusually long contact free periods and “forgetting” customers.

All the functions of a CRM system guarantee structured, transparent and time saving working methods. Leads can be skimmed. Customers feel well looked after and the satisfaction grows. Thanks to cross selling you can better your revenue figures.

And the best thing – a CRM system such as Act! doesn’t need to be expensive

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