What is my Act! user name?

A lot of times we receive requests by Act! users who don’t know their user name anymore and cannot log in to the system, saying “What is my Act! user name?” This article is interesting as well for administrators who want to check on the history of user logins.

There are many answers to the question: “How can I find out my Act! user name?”. We present you the various possibilities:

Possibility No.1: The Act! administrator can help

You approach one of your collegues that has administrative rights in your system. This collegue can look up what is your Act! user name in the Act! user administration. In case you are not sure abour your password anymore either this can be changed here also.

Possibility No.2: My Act! user name

You are the only Act! user? Then open the program ACTDiag. You can find ACTDiag in the Act! program directory. All available databases are accessible by the menu Databases and Database Details List. Now choose your Act! database:

Act! Database Reports. What is my Act! user name?
Act! Database Reports

Right-click on the database and then choose Database Reports. A new window appears. First, choose the directory for the report. In the miscellaneous section tic the User Logins option. With a click on OK the report is created. You can open it with any text editor.

User Logins. What is my Act! user name?
User Logins

In this text file you find every Act! user with the login name and the last login date.

User Login Report. What is my Act! user name?
User Login Report

In a multi-user environment we advise you to create a user only for administrative activities. The password for this user should be filed internally and securely at your company so that in an emergency this user can activate others again.

Possibility No.3: External help

In case you don’t have a valid administrator login for your Act! system you can confidently approach us. In order to reset your password we need a backup of your Act! database. This is what we’ll do: After you send us the backup we will find out a login for a user with an administrative role and reset the password. Next, we will create a new backup and send it back to you. You can contact us on our website.


Now you have found several answers to the question “What is my Act! user Name?”.

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