Using Act! with RingCentral

ringcentral_logoUsing Act! with RingCentral will not work with a softphone as far we are aware of. If you find a TAPI driver that will work with a RingCentral Softphone, let us know so we can post this.

Setting up

There is a way how you can use RingCentral with Act! and DIAL|IT, in that case you must purchase a SNOM 3×0 or 7×0 or 8×0 phone, and install it according to the documentation from RingCentral. When the phone is working, you can contact us and we will be happy to provide a TAPI-driver that works with the SNOM phone, (cost ~$10 per PC). Our online shop offers SNOM-phones with accessories and TAPI-drivers ready-to-use. Click here to find out more.

DIAL-IT_kleinAfter the TAPI-driver is installed and working, you can use the Act! add-on DIAL|IT to manage inbound and outbound screen popping with caller-ID and for history entries. This allows you to enter histories into Act! even while you are still on the phone. Add conversation notes and document conversation records and even prompt a follow-up.


We offer an installation service. Please have the SNOM-telephone & the data for RingCentral ready. We can remote access your screen and do the configuration for you.





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