The comparison: The export with Act or EXPORTIT

What are the differences between the two export possibilities – the comparison: the export with Act or EXPORTIT? Every variant has different settings, features und functions.

Act! Export compared to EXPORT|IT

Export aus Act! mit EXPORT|IT The CRM program Act! offers the possibility to export parts of your data records. The addon EXPORT|IT by the CRMADDON Factory GmbH offers an export of all your data records from Act!. I’ll compare the functions of both export possibilities.

Export with Act!



Manual Online Manual

Export automation

Automation with SERVICE|IT (i.e.every hour, every 3 days)

UID (Unique ID, like a national identification number) for allocation

 – When exporting using EXPORT|IT the UID generated by Act! is exported as well. This UID cannot be modified, only viewed.

Even if you change almost every part of a data record the UID remains. Thus, you are still able to know that this is the data record from the beginning.

During a re-import in Act! you can define exactly which data record in Act! the previously exported and modified data record belongs to. This means you can import the changes correctly.

When you import contacts and their notes  to a new Act! database the UID is necessary for allocation as well. During the import of the contact the UID is added to an additional field. Using the UID in this field the addon IMPORT|IT creates the connection between the note and the contact.

Output file

Act! database (same Version)
Text with delimiters (CSV– or TXT-format), as delimiters only comma and tabulator CSV-format (custom delimiters)
single lists can be exported as an excel-file Excel-format

Types of data records

Contacts, groups, companies (current record, current look-up or everything) All types of data records
Export of field names and selection of single fields Export of field names and selection of single fields
Additional export possibilities:

  • data structure
  • number of the types of data record
  • contacts in relation to groups and companies
  • picklists (suggestions by the dropdown-lists in Act!)
Special filter criteria

  • General:
    • Create date
    • Modify date
    • Limiting number of data records per output file
    • Export only child identities (i.e. notes, activities, histories) that belong to exported parents (i.e. contacts)
  • Specific:
    • Filter for every field type (EXPORT|IT only exports fields with a specific value)
    • Group filter for contacts (EXPORT|IT only exports contacts from selected groups)
    • Type filter for histories (i.e. calls, to-dos)
    • Apply create/modify date filters for child identities
    • Keep the RTF-conversion (bold/italic/ colored font, font family and size) with child identities

Output size

can influence it cannot influence it


cannot keep it can keep it

The comparison: The export with Act or EXPORTIT. In conclusion, you can say that the export with EXPORT|IT is more extensive and offers more functions.

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