Implementation of CRM in 3 phases

CRM implementation in 3 phases is a simple overview of the complex process of CRM-system implementation. Most CRM-systems fail because too many functions are implemented from the get go. And most often CRM-systems silt up because the project manager does not have the necessary authority to enforce the time frame and set goals. Especially for medium-sized companies it is imperative that the system matches the company’s available resources, needed functionality and processes. Unnecessary and complex functions usually means additional cost and effort that don’t have any use. When selecting a system don’t forget the people who have to manage their work day with the new software. 

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CRM – What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM fingerCRM stands for Customer-Relationship-Management and is used for systematic upkeep of business relationships and ensures a rise in your company’s revenue. You no longer need to leave anything to chance and even with a large amount of customers you can serve every customer individually and consequently. 

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DIAL|IT – Telephone Integration with Act!

DIAL|IT connects Act! with your telephone system 

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As you may already know, you are able to extend Act! by 300DialITa few additions. One of these is the addon DIAL|IT offers timesaving and comfortable communication.

The main functionality is to document calls and conversations with your Act! contacts. For this there are various support options for you as a user. Telephone integration as synthesis of time optimized and customer oriented action: the perfect telephone system for sole proprietors and small businesses as well as mid tier businesses is envisioned.

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HandheldContact Synchronization

Synchronization problems with HandheldContact?

Every software has its peculiarity and so sometimes even HandheldContact can give you a little unforeseen trouble. This can be the result of a variety of things.
In the following you will find a short list what can be done when a certain problem arises:

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Connecting Act! and Phone Devices

You would like to interconnect your Act! and phone devices?

By default Act! can ‘talk’ to any phone device that can communicate  via Tapi. Only the integrated Tapi driver shouts: “call this number”. It may or may not work, depending on the Tapi driver. If act_logothe the Act! Tapi  interface works, then it will only work for outbound calls, inbound calls are ignored.

In the following we have listed different options for your convenience:

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