Tab Stops and Enter Stops

In act! you have the possibility to to configure the tab stops and enter stops by yourself.
I will show you how and where you set them

You can set up the stops in the layout designer. You can reach the layout designer on the following path:

Extras => Design layout => Contact

For this example we use the contact layout.

In the following step you can navigate to “View” and then to Tab stops or Enter stops.

If you want to make the stops visible you can do that with the button “Show Tab Stops”.

The stops are numbered in the order of the stops the cursor will make.
By clicking on each field you can you can configure the amount and the order of the stops.
Clicking on “Clear” will erease the tab stops.

The difference between the tab and enter stops is only the button on your keyboard.
Also the colour of the numbers is a diffrent one as you can see in the picture below.

Attention: Before you try to save your stops you have to deactivate the visibility of the stops.

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