Act! Support – that’s how you create a ticket

Support – all about Act!: We offer you not only premium support and various services for installation and data transfer, but also the possibility of getting free support. Here we’ll show you in only a few easy steps how you can create a support ticket which enables a quick and efficient processing of your problem.

Support – all about Act!

From us you can get professional help with everything concerning Act!. To ensure our reliability already in advance, we offer you a transparent and versatile ticketing process. At first contact with our support suite, a ticket must be created directly in the system.

The differences between our free and paid services:

Free support Premium Support
  • Online ticketing system
  • 365 Act! Tips
  • Knowledge database
  • help via remote access and phone
  • fair and transparent billing, bulk prices according to the number of working hours
  • billing mode: every 15 minutes
  • credit balance availability not limited to time
  • online ticketing system with notifications regarding the rest and support time documentation of activities
Here you get to Support Here you get to Premium support

That’s how you create your first support ticket:

  • Navigate to our ticketing system.
  • First you must choose the category which fits your problem best. In case that none of the categories can describe your problem, just choose “Helpdesk”.
  • Then we need your email address and your full name to be able to reply to you in the course of events.
  • Please give us a detailed description of the problem so that misunderstandings can be avoided and we can respond to the request in a targeted manner.
  • Also, please add information about your Windows and Act! Version. If you have problems with your license, add the license key.
  • Screenshots of the error report and the user dialog are very helpful. You can attach these below the detail description field.
  • Now you have to execute the captcha verification. For that, you only need to read the numbers and letters in the pictures and then type them into the field below.
  • Click “Send” and the ticket is created.

That’s how you create more support ticketsFor more tickets these steps aren’t necessary anymore. Now you only need to send an email to This will be set up as a support request immediately and processed by us as usual. For replies to your tickets this applies as well. Please make sure to use the “Answer” function of your email client so that your email reply is added to the ticketing system automatically.