RDP – Remote desktop licensing

When you license one of our add-ons, you receive the following message: “This is a single license, although you may require an RDP license.”
The reason and explanation for this is highlighted in the following article.

Why do I get this error message?

You want to license an add-on and you received the following error:

RDP Hinweis EN

The system gives you this message when you try to license one of our add-ons indirectly on a computer. You are most likely trying to insert the license key via remote access. The error message already gives you the essentials: For remote access you need an RDP license, quasi a cheaper second license, which allows you to use software from one work place from another workplace. This makes most sense when using data management modules such as EXPORT|IT, IMPORT|IT, FETCH|IT, SERVICE|IT and of course a combination of these – DATA|SUITE.

When is an RDP license option advisable?RDP Lizenz Produktbox

Data management functions are usually automatically run by the system or Act! administrator on the Act! server. This is why our DATA|SUITE is usually installed on the Act! server and the configuration is done via RDP-connection. Then the jobs are performed by an integrated service. The Act! server usually runs 24/7 and the jobs can be performed at a time when the system is not used to it’s capacity. The server usually is located centrally in an inaccessible server room or even is hosted externally.

This is why it makes sense that the administrator can access the server via remote and change DATA|SUITE module settings and configuration. For licensing there are actually two computers trying to access the same add-on – the server and the workplace you are accessing it from. This is why an RDP license is necessary. Please be aware, that for every workplace from which you want to access the software/ add-on, you need an RDP option. This RDP option needs to be purchased for every remote desktop, licensing only has to be done once. If a third desktop tries to sign in to a license with two RDP options you will receive the message that the number of licenses has been exceeded.

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