Upgrade from Act! Pro to Premium

Is it possible to upgrade from Act! Pro to Premium?

This is a frequently asked question in our hotline. Since companies are constantly growing the boundaries are reached quite fast. The answer is simply YES!
But what needs to be considered and what is the price range?

You have reached Act! Pro boundaries and you need Premium functions?

Additional features of the Premium edition:

  • Plan group and team activities
  • Web- and Windows access points
  • Hosting options
  • Dashboards and reports with team overview
  • Extended security settings as well as
  • Security settings on a field level
  • Extended administration and synchronization options
  • Act! Premium Mobile (HTML5-based mobile)

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Generally speaking an upgrade is always possible. Of course costs arise here. These depend on the number of licences you have, since pricing is graduated. For exact pricing, click here.

When an Act! user upgrades from Act! Pro to Premium, only the difference in pricing needs to be payed! Swiftpage, Stand: 06.04.2015

An upgrade is only possible from the latest three versions. The newest version is Act! v.17, so at the moment you can only upgrade from versions Act! v15 / 2013  and Act! v16 and Act! v17 from Pro to Premium.

These questions are frequently asked in connection with edition upgrades from Pro to Premium:

Können Daten beim upgrade verloren gehen?
Do not fear data loss. The database will simply be extended by new features and options. Everything else stays the way it is. This only works if you move to the same version. Should you want a cross update, e.g. from v15 to v17, there are a few points to be considered. We recommend you let an Act! supervisor take care of the transfer.

What if I have a Business Care contract?
If you have a Business Care Service Contract or want to add one, the cost will rise. This is also dependent on the number of licences.

Is downgrading possible?
No, due to licensing issues it isn’t. You cannot switch from a Premium Licence to Pro.

Does the software have to be reinstalled?
Yes, it must. First Act! Pro needs to be deinstalled completely. All the addons and other additional modules. Only afterwards can the Premium edition be installed.

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