Test CRM online: Act! for Web

Online test – get an idea of Act! for Web

Mobility is not a luxury anymore – it is established and irreplaceable technology. We offer you the opportunity to trial Act! for Web – free of charge and without complex registration. You can make up your own mind about it. Act! for Web offers interactive and location independent access to your CRM-database from your browser.

Access data to demo database

Log into: ACT17Demo
User name: Chris Huffman
Passcode: (without password)
Act! for Web testen

Act! for Web advantages

  • Access to CRM-system from a standard browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari) from any location with internet access
  • Compatibility to various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • No additional software installation needed, except if you want MS Office integration
  • Web-connection via smartphones or tablets
  • Real-time communication with central Act! database
  • Software updates only need to be installed to central server

Act! for Web can be used as an in-house CRM-system with it’s own server or as CRM-on-demand. The latter has the entire CRM-system saved in the cloud. We will gladly support your with hosting offers.

With Act! for Web as CRM-software you can start right away, no elaborate installation on various company computers. Instead all employees can immediately access the CRM-software in the cloud. New workers only need to be authenticated and can get to work right away. Software updates are installed centrally and not on a client.

In addition you are limitlessly mobile: No matter where you are, with the Act! for Web solution you have access to all important information from your CRM-system. Even on the road you can access and edit CRM-Data online from your mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Adding new contacts and contact data is no problem either.

The CRM-software Act! allows for mixed companies. Stationary workers who have their workplace at the office can use the Windows client. Employees who have their office on the road can benefit from the Web-solution. The greatest thing about this solution – all employees have real-time access to the shared database.

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