How to set your Act! dashboard as your start screen

You have the possibility  to set your Act! dashboard as your start screen. It gives you an overview of all your work in Act! – your To-Do-list, statistics,  opportunities and more. Start your day with useful information when you start Act!.

The Act! dashboard is a great way to start!

You want to have all information on your screen when you start your day ?
Set your Act! dashboard as your start screen so you don’t miss any marketing information.
You can optimize your marketing and sales performance.

Step 1: Set startup view to “dashboards”

In your Act! menu, select “Tools”, a drop down menu will open.

Act! menu

Select “Preferences”. The resulting dialogue window has a few tabs.
One of them is “Startup”. Choose this one and you will get the following window:

"Preferences" dialogue window for dashboard setting

As you can see the standard startup view is set to: Contacts. Open the dropdown menu and choose “Dashboard” Click “OK” to save your settings.

Step 2: Restart Act!

After you set your startup view you have to restart your Act!.
Now you can see the results. Now Act! will start with your dashboard.

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