How to save your personal data

The main Act! database is secured by the administrator regularly. But what about your personal data?
You have the possibility to save it separately. You should make use of this possibility when you change your settings. For this feature you don’t need administrative rights.

Back up your personal files

First you have to find out where your data is saved. You can find the location at Tools -> Preferences -> General

Act! menu

Now click on “Preferences”. You can find the location in the “General” tab. As you can see, Personal Files Locations shows the file type and location which you can look up in your explorer.

Preferences settings for personal data

Now you can start saving  your personal data.

In you menu, click on “File”. You can find in your navigation bar (marked yellow).

Act! menu

To save your personal data, click on the “Back up” option.

Backup optiondrop down

Afterwards click on “Personal files”.


A new window will open. Select which data is to be secured. You can choose between Documents, Internet Links, Dictionaries and Menus and Toolbars. You also have the option to secure the *.zip file with a password.

Back up manually

ATTENTION: Name your file carefully. We recommend to name it with the reason of the backup or the latest date. This prevents the system to write over the original file. It also helps you to find the backup later or prevent a disaccord. Now Act! creates backups of your personal files. How long it takes to backup your files depents on how many attachements you have and how big they are.

The manu and toolbar settings are also saved in the personla data. If you configured a users toolbar or menu settings you can transfer them to another user easily.

Step 1: Save the personal files of the user you already configured the menu and toolbar settings.

Step 2: Now you can restore the file at another user. All of your settings are now also assigned to the other user.

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