How do I avoid data garbage in CRM?

Every company should move towards higher data quality in their CRM system. Read on to find out what the most common reasons für slipping quality in contact data and how to counteract data garbage formation.

It starts with typos in manual data acquisition e.g. transposed numbers in telephone numbers. Data can be filed wrongly due to faulty imports. Other reasons include old contact and address data thanks to the company or worker moving. The worst problem are duplicates, since companies or contact persons with similar names which are actually one and the same entity are updated and taken care of separately.

Reasons for data garbage in CRMs

Data Import

Contact managment systems hardly start at zero. Usually already existing data is imported or data from Outlook, LinkedIN and other sources are taken on. Import of course can only be as good as the data that is being imported. Manually inserting data conceals great mistake potential, since typos easily happen.

Outdated Customer and Contact Data

Customer data can get out-of-date over time. Mister Miller from the X leaves the company, the company move to a new location or changes the name. Best case you send an e-mail to a non existing address and it bounces back. What happens if you lose the contact completely? You lose sales oppertunities and have to re-acquire.

Duplicates are even worse!


Duplicates not only make your CRM system confusing, this can actually damage your business! It seems quite unprofessional if you send a newsletter to a good customer twice or with a misspelled name. Your customer will quickly be reminded of mass advertising and you will soon be on your knees. Nobody likes receiving mail, christmas greetings or similar things double – it shows bad data management. This casts a shadow on your company’s public image.

But duplicates are not only troublesome for customers. Internal contact management is complicated drastically as well. If a contact is duplicated then in general the information is not in the right place. The overview is lost. When a someone calls the worker clicks on the first possible entry. Now most likely he will be missing critical information and any new info is added to the open contact.  Finding the right information is like looking for a needle in a heystack!

Aktuelle Daten im CRM

But we will not leave you alone to your problems!

  • IMPORT|IT Thanks to many options you can set precise criteria when selecting data which is to be imported. This way you optimize data import and avoid adding outdated information or duplicates.  IMPORT|IT offers a variety of supporting import formats.
  • FETCH|IT Every request that your website receives is nothing other than an interested party, new customer or a a person interested in becoming a customer or partner. You should seize this chance and avoid missing it. In general your system can automatically do this for you which saves you time. This allows customer data to be inserted into your CRM without manual transfer mistakes. In connection with our addon OUTREACH|IT your CRM workflow can be automated all the way to sending information via e-mail, fax or letter.
  • ADDRESS|IT This interface connects to up-to-date address data allows you to keep your contact data fresh. Information on ADDRESS|IT.


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