HandheldContact Synchronization

Synchronization problems with HandheldContact?

Every software has its peculiarity and so sometimes even HandheldContact can give you a little unforeseen trouble. This can be the result of a variety of things.
In the following you will find a short list what can be done when a certain problem arises:

Only a few contacts are displayed on your mobile device

You database contains e.g. 5000 contacts, which are to be synchronized with HandheldContact. Your mobile device only displays about 50.  This problem can be solved by using “Resend All Data to Handheld”. This functionality reboots the synchronization with your mobile device. In order to find the command in your HandheldContact PC tool, follow the instructions below:

Click on “Maintenance” at the top left in the menu, then select “Resend All Data to Handheld …”.

HandheldContact Menu

This restarts the synchronisation after which you should see the contacts on your mobile device.

Error message: "The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel"

This error occurs when HandheldContact is being set up or the during the synchronization of the HHC user.
We have put together a step-by-step manual for you. Please follow the instructions to the letter in order to solve the problem yourself.

Error message: "Communication with sync engine failed! The syncing process has been aborted! HHC service is not running or doesn’t have the required permissions"

This makes a program restart necessary. Restart the service as follows:

  • Click on the windows menu
  • When searching through programs/data insert “services.msc”
  • A service dialog will open
  • Search for HHC7Service
  • Right click this and select  Settings
  • Make sure that StartType  is set to Automatic
  • Click on Start or, should the service already be running, click Stop and again Start.
  • Select Allow and then OK.
  • Go back to the  HandHeldContact tool on your PC and restart the Synchronization
Error message: "Message Queuing is not installed"

We have a manual for you to get rid of this problem.


If you still recieve error messages and you can not solve the problem, usually reinstalling HandheldContact helps. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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