EMarketing with OUTREACH

OUTREACH – What is that?

OUTREACH is an add-on manufactured by the CRMADDON Factory and works in combination with Act! to design and send personalized e-mails, newsletters, letters and now even faxes are possible.

OUTREACH – Do I have to be a professional?

Thanks to the integrated Report Designer, which can be used intuitively, anyone can use OUTREACH, in order to design so called reports as a template for e-mails, newsletters and faxes. In case there should be any obscurities we have put together a step-by-step handbook for beginners as well as advanced users and offer training and support.
We can design a template for you so all you need to do is change the text. Let us know your wishes and we will implement them for you.

OUTREACH – How does it work?

The aforementioned Report Designer is an integrated tool in OUTREACH and allows you to design reports, which are templates for anything you would like to send. The designer enables the addition of Act! fields (contact names, salutatory address, appointments etc.) as well as fields that update automatically (dates, times etc.). There is no need anymore to laboriously add in contact addresses, instead you can simply select one or many groups to which you would like to send your publication. OUTREACH does the rest. This way you can send quick and personalized messages in masses to your contacts. You can even choose from a variety of sender addresses and set individual reference people for incoming replies.

Our Report Designer comes in two versions: Simple and Advanced. The Simple Designer allows you to send full sized e-mails including pictures which is only suitable for small pictures and few receiving contacts as when sending and receiving e-mails the sheer amount of data that is transferred can easily clog e-mail servers. You can import existing HTML templates to an extent. The Advanced Designer allows you to add picture links from your FTP server – so that pictures are not sent directly with the e-mails, meaning the e-mails are significantly smaller. Sending thousands of e-mails during business hours and no one even notices! Your contacts don’t have huge e-mails clogging their system and instead can voluntarily view the pictures.

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OUTREACH – I want to try it, too!

You can test a free trial version of OUTREACH for 14 days and forge an opinion of your own. Visit our website by following the link below:OUTREACH-IT_klein

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