DIAL|IT – Telephone Integration with Act!

DIAL|IT connects Act! with your telephone system 

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As you may already know, you are able to extend Act! by 300DialITa few additions. One of these is the addon DIAL|IT offers timesaving and comfortable communication.

The main functionality is to document calls and conversations with your Act! contacts. For this there are various support options for you as a user. Telephone integration as synthesis of time optimized and customer oriented action: the perfect telephone system for sole proprietors and small businesses as well as mid tier businesses is envisioned.

Telephoning on a professional level

Time consuming transfer of Phonenumbers is a thing of the past. Phone numbers are selected to Act! with one click so that even conversations, that were planned to the to-do-list by a third party, can be handled in a timely fashion and without any losses. Relevant information of phone call attendees can be saved and with every call DIAL|IT displays a popup on your screen with relevant information about the caller. By using DIAL|IT and a TAPI- capable telephone, conversation partners are no longer unknown magnitudes within your telephone workflow. Here customer retention is based on the personalized address. At the same time customer data which contains contact information, conversation notes and appointments open – this way the customer experiences esteeming prominence during the conversation. In addition you have the ability to add information from external and unfamiliar calls to your Act!, even during the call, and can be edited by authorized workers.

A TAPI-capable telephone as building block for customer oriented telephoning

The TAPI interface offers a direct connection between your phone and PC. A TAPI-capable phone works as the hardware component of the communication between the telephone network and the PC. The TAPI-capable telephone is the basis for the main job of this Addon – caller identification.

Telephone integration as a basis for communication

The opportunities of DIAL|IT are quite obvious. The vast stream of information, which prepares the worker for the pending conversation and renders queries unnecessary, makes work quick and customer oriented. Calls are automatically recognized and the data records (e.g. histories, Notes, appointments and more) are recalled and displayed on screen – contact information is collected even during the conversation. DIAL|IT offers an optimized communication basis for Act!, a customer database for organized customer management – an attractive offer providing orientation for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses as well as mid-tier enterprises.

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