Creating a company from a contact

Creating a company from a contact, the time saving Act! function. You are used to adding interested parties as contacts in Act!. After successfully turning the lead into a customer you want to create a company out of the contact. But you receive an error message  “There is no company name for this contact. To create a company record from this contact, type a company name in the Company field.”

Creating a company from a contact

The previously named error occurs even though you have inserted the company name into the ‘company’ field?

Error message when creating a company from a contact

Have you checked if the field beside the field name ‘company’ really is defined as the contact company field? In order to check this, right-click on the field and open the context menu. Beside the menu point “lookup” the field name is displayed. Please be aware that the field name beside the field doesn’t necessarily have to be concurrent with the actual field designation.

Kontextmenü: Act! Feld

But how can you use this time-saving function?

Ask your colleagues to sign off from Act! since you have to make a couple of changes for field definitions. Sign in to the database as a user with administrative rights. From the menu option

EXTRAS | define fields …

you open a dialogue window. Choose “show fields for:” companies from the dropdown menu. In the displayed list of all company fields select the field “company” with a double-click. Then click next to access the page “customize field behaviour”.

link contacts with company field

On this page check if the link to contact field is set to the company field. Please adjust the setting. The changes are saved when you click on “finish”. Now you can your colleagues can use the function “create a company from a contact” and save time and effort.

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