Connecting Act! with your ERP system

Connecting your CRM system Act! with your ERP system offers you many possibilities and advantages. Both sides are integrated into the awarding and processing of contracts and orders. Your company can inspect the ERP data for their contacts in Act! and new contacts are synchronised automatically.

Synchronise Act! and ERP

You can connect Act! with many standard ERP systems.

You can connect Act! with:Act and ERP

and many more by using our method.

Database safety with a restrictive writing permission

The exchange of data takes place through export and import processes. For maximum safety of your database we follow the paradigm of restrictive writing permission:

  • Writing access can only be set up by your expert for this database. The expert makes sure that the data will be checked on conformity and plausibility before the import.
  • This also applies to the Act! database: Only the specialists (e.g. CRMADDON) set up the connection to your Act! database and guarantee the review of conformity and plausibility of the data that should be imported.

According to the paradigm only the particular expert will set up the import of data to your database. Thus, they know best how the import should be performed. Clear responsibilities are a good basis for quick patching.

Import to Act!

For the import of data from your ERP system (Enterprise-Resource-Planning system) to Act! you have three options:

  • Your ERP system exports data records as .csv and .xml files or as an Excel work sheet. You can import those by using IMPORT|IT.
  • Your ERP experts create a database view that contains the data records that should be performed. Act! can read your ERP database by using IMPORT|IT and imports the data records. IMPORT|IT is also able to, depending on the edition of the addon, access a variety of databases. Examples for this are ODBC, Microsoft Access/ SQL, Oracle, FoxPro, Paradox, MySQL and of course Act!.
  • If your ERP system does not support any of the previously mentioned methods or your scenario does not allow these approaches then there is the possibility that our technicians code a connection for you. We are very happy to advise you regarding the possibilities there are.

With TABLE|IT you can import data in a table format into Act! and display it in a separate tab, for example.

SERVICE|IT enables you to automatize the import. Additional to that, SERVICE|IT can monitor e-mail accounts and automatically attach e-mails that were sent from your ERP system to the particular contact in Act!.

Directly view database views with TABLE|IT

An alternative to the import of data is that you can directly view the SQL database views from Act! with TABLE|IT. Your ERP expert only has to create the database view. Since the data records are not imported into Act! they are not available for further processing in Act!. That way the data records cannot be synchronised with a remote database and they also cannot be included into the search.

Export into your ERP system

With our addon EXPORT|IT and suitable filters you export the data from Act! into your ERP system. Hereby EXPORT|IT will create a .csv file, a .xml file or an Excel work sheet. Next, this document will be imported by your ERP system.

With SERVICE|IT you can automatize the export.

Interface definition and different requirements for data records

The actual interface between Act! and your ERP is a .csv file, a .xml file or an Excel work sheet. Alternatively this can also be a database view. For an unproblematic data exchange the involved database experts have to define the structure of these files.

Additional to that you should keep in mind that your employees have different requirements for the quality of the data records in your CRM and your ERP system. In the sales department the physical address of a contact is enough. However, the accounting department might need the correct billing address for companies. When you connect Act! and your ERP system in a way that the sales department updates the billing address you might have to add more fields in Act! for the physical address, for example, and adjust the layout.

Our addon DATA|SUITE

IMPORT|IT, EXPORT|IT and SERVICE|IT belong to our addon DATA|SUITE for data management. You can purchase the addons individually, as well.

Do you have any questions?

You have questions about linking Act! with your ERP system? You want to know more about the import and export of data records? You want to to know if your specific scenario can be mapped with a connection of Act! and your ERP system? You can reach us under these phone numbers:

Headquarters: +49 8282 800400

Leipzig: +49 341 33157830

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In Austria you can reach us under +43 720 881701

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