Connecting Act! and Phone Devices

You would like to interconnect your Act! and phone devices?

By default Act! can ‘talk’ to any phone device that can communicate  via Tapi. Only the integrated Tapi driver shouts: “call this number”. It may or may not work, depending on the Tapi driver. If act_logothe the Act! Tapi  interface works, then it will only work for outbound calls, inbound calls are ignored.

In the following we have listed different options for your convenience:

Act! and Phone Devices – Analog

  • Almost every analog modem can be used for outbound phone calls.
  • The standard Tapi driver for analog modems will only support outbound calls, inbound calls are ignored
  • All modems from way2call are currently provide their own Tapi driver that supports inbound and outbound calls and  screen-popping in combination with Dial-it
  • if you are Aware of any other Modem that supports Inbound Caller-ID let us know, we will be happy to list it.

Act! and Phone Devices – Digital

  • Most digital phone systems offer their own CTI interface. A CTI interface (communicates with i.e. Outlook) is not a Tapi interface and will not work with Act!
  • Some phone vendors offer a interface to Act!, but in most cases, they only integrate the address book, (so you can see who is calling) but they normally do not open a history, or schedule a follow-up call in act

Act! and Phone Devices – Sip Based

  • We only found one solution that will provide a reliable hardware solution for users that have a hosted phone.
  • Most hosts will provide SNOM phones, or allow you to connect your own device.
  • Some hosts do not support other phones. Then your only chance is to get the analog interface from your host, and then use a device like the way2call modem
  • With a tapi driver that we can deliver for ~$10US per device, you can control the phones SNOM 300, 320, 710,720, 760, 821, 870

Supported Tapi Devices
There are different sources for Tapi Drivers, but normally the best is the manufacturer of your phone system. You may want to look at this list, it is not complete, but it does give you a general idea.


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