Change Your Act! Color

Enhance user friendliness by changing your Act! color

A CRM’s most considerable factors for success are: Less functionalities and more user friendliness. Act! combines a large variety of functions with intuitive handling, which can be further optimized with individual color settings.

User frustration usually stems more from bad tool usability than missing functions. Thanks to slim user friendliness, entering, searching for and upkeep of data very time consuming and inconvenient. This results in bad data quality.

Act! allows you to set individual layouts and color changes fitting the needs of your company and users. Should these changes not be enough you can extend the setting possibilities with an add on.

Act! and color settings

Act! layouts

You can set diverse layouts for a variety of data types such as contacts, companies, groups and sales chances. Here are some reasons for setting individual layouts:

  • differentiate between customers, suppliers and resellers
  • workers with color preferences
  • varying permissions
  • call center: workers should only see minimum information
  • varying resolutions

Activities (colors in your calendar)

Activities can have varying color settings. The displayed color in the calendar however is dependant on the priority settings. You can choose between up to five Act! priorities and change the color to the priority. These are set on the user’s separate PC and stays active as long as the color is manually changed.

Color choices and color blindness

Color blindness is  not to be underestimated. So to counteract this: Are  your user layouts color coordinated? Are they contrasting enough?


LAYOUT|SWITCH supports all this with a dynamic interface and reduces the workload of data maintenance. The entry mask can be changed to the user’s specific needs. This flexibility can be configured on various user, team or role levels.  Dynamic layout displays can be defined on a field level for contacts, companies, groups and sales chances as well.

Our freeware tool LAYOUT|SWITCH allows you to automatically switch the layout by clicking on an Act! field. This way you can display your contacts with different layouts depending on the customer type. You can also display the layouts depending on the user and thus offer color blind users an individual layout to work with.LAYOUT-SWITCH_groß

LAYOUT|SWITCH has different editions, one of them is even free.

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