Change the icons for activities

If you want to create new types of activities and you are not happy with the available icons you have the opportunity to change them. There are a few more icons which are not included in the standard Act! version. We will explain how to download them here.

1. How do I set new types of activities?

You can manage this in a few simple steps:

a) In Act! click on the button “Schedule”. (marked yellow)

Act! Window menu

b) Now you have to click on “manage”.

Dropdown from "schedules"

c) A side menu will appear. Click on “Activity Types”.

Side menu from "Manage"

d) In the following window you can click on the button “Add”. Now you can create a new activity type.

Manage Activity Types

e) The next window allows you to personalize your activity type. You can set a name or configure an older one.

2. Change icons for activities

You are also able to change the icon. You can click on the “Browse” button. Now you may choose the icons you would like to download below.

Add Activity Type

3. Download the icons

You can download the icons from the following link: Additional Activity Icons

The file is in *.zip format. You have to unpack the file first. The easiest way is to right-click the file and choose “Extract all”. You can also use programs such as “WinRaR” or “7zip”.

By following the steps above, for changing the icons, browse for your file in the “downloads” folder of your computer.

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