Implementation of CRM in 3 phases

CRM implementation in 3 phases is a simple overview of the complex process of CRM-system implementation. Most CRM-systems fail because too many functions are implemented from the get go. And most often CRM-systems silt up because the project manager does not have the necessary authority to enforce the time frame and set goals. Especially for medium-sized companies it is imperative that the system matches the company’s available resources, needed functionality and processes. Unnecessary and complex functions usually means additional cost and effort that don’t have any use. When selecting a system don’t forget the people who have to manage their work day with the new software. 

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Creating a company from a contact

Creating a company from a contact, the time saving Act! function. You are used to adding interested parties as contacts in Act!. After successfully turning the lead into a customer you want to create a company out of the contact. But you receive an error message  “There is no company name for this contact. To create a company record from this contact, type a company name in the Company field.”

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Field Security Settings

How can access to field values be managed?

In Act! you can use field security settings to limit user or team access. For example you can use field security so that certain user or user teams can change a customer status. The field values in turn can be viewed but not changed by other users. You can also set a standard authorization for all fields. 

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Handwritten Signature in Act!

Personal documents with your handwritten signature

Most communication with your customers takes place via e-mail. E-mail has become a most important tool, but often corporate design is neglected. A personal signature in an e-mail in corporate design of the company has a positive effect on the company’s image. Something which customers develop in view of the company over time. This is why it is worthwhile to invest the time in e-mail templates or drafts for other documents. signature in act_logo

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