CRM – What is Customer Relationship Management?

CRM fingerCRM stands for Customer-Relationship-Management and is used for systematic upkeep of business relationships and ensures a rise in your company’s revenue. You no longer need to leave anything to chance and even with a large amount of customers you can serve every customer individually and consequently. 

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Act! security and access permission

Act! is a workaround application, which means everyone sees everything. There are more than enough reasons to prohibit this policy. This article about Act! security and access permission will bring this to light. In Act! there are multiple user roles, these limit functionalities more than access permission for data. 

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DIAL|IT – Telephone Integration with Act!

DIAL|IT connects Act! with your telephone system 

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As you may already know, you are able to extend Act! by 300DialITa few additions. One of these is the addon DIAL|IT offers timesaving and comfortable communication.

The main functionality is to document calls and conversations with your Act! contacts. For this there are various support options for you as a user. Telephone integration as synthesis of time optimized and customer oriented action: the perfect telephone system for sole proprietors and small businesses as well as mid tier businesses is envisioned.

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