Act! crashes when document tab is opened

Suddenly the following problems have crept in:

  • Act! crashes when the document tab is opened
  • Act! crashes when you open a history or note with an attached document
  • With Windows 10 you cannot attach files/documents in Act!

Act! and .NET 4.6

A reason for Act! crashing when the document tab is opened can be the installation of the .NET 4.6 framework. Have you installed this or was it installed with automatic updates to your work space? 

What is .NET 4.6? The .NET framework 4.6 is the successor of the current .NET framework 4.5.

In this case generally the error that occurs is that Act! crashes when the document tab is opened. By now the developer Swiftpage has set up a hotfix. After installing the hotfix you can keep using the functionality of attaching files/documents. 

Act! and Windows 10

Windows_logo framework origin

You have installed Act! v17.1 on Windows 10

Then you will be happy to learn, that you can find a patch here so that missing functionalities can be activated again. If you work at a workspace with internet access then the patch is automatically downloaded and installed. In this case you do not need to do anything. The patch is installed automatically.

Act! v 17.1 and Hotfix 4

Download the hotfix 4 for Act! v17.1 to remove the error “Act! crash when document tab is opened”: download patch directly.

Link to Swiftpage article: KB 38199

To check if the patch has been installed: In Act! select menu – helpinfo about Act!

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