Act and Linux – CRM on a Linux desktop

Act and Linux is this possible? Yes, even though Act! is a Windows application based on the framework .NET, Act! can be used under Linux. 

Act and Linux via browser

Act! needs a .NET-environment, which is why Act! cannot be used natively on Linux. From Act! v17 upwards about 95% of all functions can be accessed from the browsers Firefox or Google Chrome. This way Act! can be used on a Linux computer.

Act und Linux via browser

Act! on Linux infrastructure

The basis for using Act! for Web (Act! via browser) bears the following options:

  • Act! hosting: Your Act! database is hosted by a provider
  • your own Windows-computer, optionally virtual, on which Act! for Web is installed (the database has to be located where it can be accessed over the internet)

These two options allow you to access your Act! database over the web. You want to automatically attach e-mails? Then you need our add-on SERVICE|IT which attaches e-mails to the matching contacts.

Act! on MAC

Of course this works with a Mac as well, since Mac-OS is actually quite close to Linux. Here you can use Google Chrome and Firefox as well, Mac’s own browser does not work as well.

Additional information: Act!, Linux and MAC

Test Act and Linux/ MAC

You can access our Act! for Web test environment with this link. You log in with the
User name: Chris Huffman and the
Database: ACT17Demo
Try it out and see how easily Act and Linux work together.

Act! and Linux/ MAC – attach e-mails

The Linux mail program has no plugin with which e-mails are automatically saved in Act!. We have developed a tool (SERVICE|IT) that runs on the Act! server and collects all e-mails from a mail-account and automatically attaches them to the Act! contact when it finds the e-mail address in Act!.

Act! on Smartphones / Tablets (HTML5 Client)

When using Act! on smartphones the mobile mode is recognized automatically, which can be changed manually from your browser. As long as the mobile-mode is active, you see a mobile optimized client. However this has a reduced functionality.

Advantages of Act! on smartphones are:

  • direct dialling from your application
  • write e-mails directly

and both is automatically documented in Act!.

Any questions? We are the partner for questions all around Act! Call us or write an e-mail. We will happily give advice!

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