Automatically process e-mails from the shop or the website in Act

From the online inquiry to the customer in the CRM system Act!: With our shop as an example I want to show how you can automatically process e-mails from the shop or the website in Act. Thus you optimzie your workflow.

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Implementation of CRM in 3 phases

CRM implementation in 3 phases is a simple overview of the complex process of CRM-system implementation. Most CRM-systems fail because too many functions are implemented from the get go. And most often CRM-systems silt up because the project manager does not have the necessary authority to enforce the time frame and set goals. Especially for medium-sized companies it is imperative that the system matches the company’s available resources, needed functionality and processes. Unnecessary and complex functions usually means additional cost and effort that don’t have any use. When selecting a system don’t forget the people who have to manage their work day with the new software. 

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Administrative Dashboard

If you are using your act! database with administrative rights you are able to use the dashboard

In the administrative dashboard you can get information about the latest user log-ins and the remote database status, if you activated the synchronisation. The dashboard will give you a overview across three parts:

  • status of the users
  • sync status of the remote databases
  • information of the remote databases

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How to save your personal data

The main Act! database is secured by the administrator regularly. But what about your personal data?
You have the possibility to save it separately. You should make use of this possibility when you change your settings. For this feature you don’t need administrative rights.

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